5 Great College Jobs that Pay More than Minimum Wage

Keeping up with a job in college can be a challenge because you have to balance school and work all in one. At the same time, you have to have a job if you want to actually pay for food, insurance, school supplies, and the occasional pitcher of beer. Before you head out to Burger King to become their next fry guy, you might want to check out some of the jobs below. Here are the five best jobs for college students that pay more than minimum wage.

1 – Printing Assistant

Most cities have some sort of printing service store where you can use the computer, fax machine, printer and more for a certain fee. I lived in a town that had a Kinkos, but I know that specific store isn’t everywhere. Nevertheless, you might be able to get a job helping people print and run basic office machines if you have a store like this in your area. It could also be a shipping store, depending on where you live. Back when minimum wage in the Midwest was roughly $7, I had a friend working there for $10 an hour. The work was easy, and the pay was well worth it. You just have to find a place with flexible hours.

2 – Car Wash Attendant

Car wash attendants make a lot more money than you might think they do. A friend of mine worked at a local gas station managing the car wash, and in six months he went from $9 an hour to over $11 an hour. That’s not half bad for a college kid working part time in the south. The reason why these jobs pay well is because the car washes can’t keep employees for very long. If you’re willing to stick with it, you can see a hefty raise in a short period of time. My friend spent hours a day just sitting around and listening to music because no one came in to get a car washed. Talk about an easy paycheck!

3 – Server

Servers have the potential to make a lot more than minimum wage if they are good at their job and they work in the right restaurants. I was a server three years ago at Red Lobster, and I used to make roughly $100 a night with a max of three tables at a time. The tickets were high there, and the customers had money. That led to great tips for chipper little old me. You won’t make much when it comes to a paycheck this way, but you will make a decent amount of money in cash every night. You just have to put up with people along the way.

4 – Bank Teller

Bank tellers don’t make that much more than minimum wage, but they are almost always in demand. If you start working for a successful and well-known bank, you should see pay increases within the first year of employment. This is a great job to put on resumes after you graduate from your on-campus or online degree program because it shows that you can be trusted with money. It also shows that you can handle customers well, and that you know how to work in a professional environment. It’s great training for the future.

5 – Mover

Moving companies are always looking for burly men that are willing to sweat away in the heat all day to help people move. If you don’t mind doing some lifting, you could make pretty good money as a mover. Most of those guys get paid anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour, depending on where they work. If you’re good at it, you might get done with work early and still get paid for a certain amount of time. Moving companies always charge a minimum fee. If the job is done before the minimum time is up, then you get money for nothing. This is a hard job at times, but it can definitely pay the bills.

Hopefully some of the suggestions above will help you with your college job hunting. You don’t have to do a lot to make a lot of money in college. You just have to know where to apply.

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