Night Shift Jobs for Day Time Students

If you go to school during the day, you may have trouble finding a job to work with your class schedule. Online students do not have to worry about this because they can go to class whenever they want. For some college students though, that is not a luxury they get to enjoy. If you are looking for a night time position that will work with your college schedule, some of the jobs below may provide you with what you need to make a living. Read on to see if any of these positions could work for you.

Overnight Stocker

A stockman (or stockwoman) is a person that does nothing but stock shelves during his or her time at work. Some stores will have people like this work at night so that their shelf stocking does not disturb the customers shopping in the store. Wal-Mart usually stocks all of its shelves late at night because that is the time when the aisles are clear enough to do so. There are still customers in the store then, but there are not as many as there are during the day. You could get a job like this that will give you a chance to go to school in the day and go to work at night. The only thing you will need to work out after that is a time to go to sleep.


Many schools and office buildings have their janitors work at night so they can clean the place for the next work day. Many many moons ago when I lived in the dorms, I remember seeing the dorm janitor working at 2 AM because that was when the school wanted him or her to clean. You could look for places in your area in need of janitorial helpers, and then you will be able to work when you have time to. You may even go as far as to checking your own college for open jobs. At least then you will know your way around.

Gas Station Attendant

Since most gas stations are open 24 hours a day, they need people to cover both the night and the morning shifts. You could pick up a shift for a time when you do not have school or sleep. You will need to be cautious about this though, as there are some dangerous gas stations you may not want to work in. Look for a position that will give you the schedule and income you need without putting your life at risk.

Gas station jobs are always laid back, so you can almost bet that you won’t have to do much during your time at work. A friend of mine worked at one once while he was going through his tattoo artist apprenticeship, and he made $3 above minimum wage just to watch the parking lot, basically. He had other duties, but they were minimal at best. You never know if you may be as lucky as him.

Toll Booth Operators

Toll booths are also open 24 hours a day. If you have one in your area, you may be able to find a night shift job with one. All you need to work with something like that is basic math skills. You should have that by now if you are going to college. Work in a toll booth can get incredibly boring, especially if you are working at night when traffic is low. Nevertheless, this could be just what you need to sustain yourself while you pursue your college degree. Find out if there are any job openings in your area, and then apply to the ones that are right for you.

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